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Monthly Archives: November 2012

In Florida, about half of all homeowners with mortgages owe more than the value of their home. This is called “having negative equity, ” being “upside down,” or “underwater.”  Most of those families owe a LOT more, up to 50% or more than their homes are actually worth!  If a family owes tens of thousands… Read More

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Florida has earned the dubious honor of being number one in the nation for foreclosures filed against families.  Florida has more than twice national average of foreclosure activity.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, those figures came from a housing data firm, RealtyTrac, which reported Palm Beach County’s October 2012 foreclosure starts at 925 while the Palm Beach… Read More

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This blog previously published an article about private citizens and foreclosure defense attorneys who have taken on the role of a modern day Pecora Commission.  Citizens across the nation find themselves compelled to fill the law enforcement vacuum left by the lack of investigations, indictments, and convictions for bank-officer-perpetrated real estate fraud, securitization fail, investment fraud,… Read More

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A CBS News affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia produced an excellent series of short videos on the story of widespread foreclosure fraud committed by banks.  Kudos to the reporter, Jeff Chirico, for covering this neglected issue.  The most illuminating segment shows Georgia Attorney General squirming in the hot seat of Jeff’s questions about his refusal to… Read More

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