Great Video about Strong Arm Tactics of Lawyers Representing HOA’s and COA’s

Getting sued by an Homeowner’s or Condo Association?

I just received another phone call by a potential client who was sued over a late payment that was not late, as evidenced by the paid check. The HOA still won’t go away and is litigating over a $25 late fee, that never should have been charged, and over $4,000 in legal fees that they now rang up improperly over this dispute that never should have existed in the first place!

Rosen & Rosen is fighting back. We will charge our client a fair and reasonable fee but will refund that fee IN FULL as soon as we recover our attorney’s fees from the HOA in this frivolous matter!

Below is a link to a very short video illustrating another example of abusive HOA and COA practice going on in other parts of our country here:

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