Our Wish for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

As we review our clients’ online docket and/or official records search results each week during this holiday season, we can’t help but think that so many will not be able to spend time with family or loved ones or otherwise enjoy the holidays like they have in years past because of a variety of financial challenges.  We know that this is true for far too many who were just doing as they were told was the “right” thing to do; buying a home, taking out student loans, or responding to numerous offers to borrow money at initial “teaser” interest rates to fix up their home or consolidate some other debt.  We now know that those pushing this “right” thing were really interested in ONE thing, profit, over all else. The result is, years after the supposed “recession” and “bailouts”, much of Main Street is suffering, primarily as a result from Wall Street’s unfettered greed and the governments that enable them.

While providing the best possible legal service to our clients is and always will be our top priority, we can’t help but also be motivated to see justice serviced for an out of control financial services industry which has made the government and so many others believe they are both too big to fail and too big to jail.  This is despite the fact that all the major players continue to commit a growing list of heinous crimes, like we saw recently from HSBC’s money laundering (and don’t forget Wells Fargo and JP Morgan), racist practices by Countrywide/BoA and Wells Fargo and GFI, Ocwen fraud, and top five banks’ foreclosure fraud, and UBS interest rate rigging, and massive schemes involving forgery and land ownership document forgery and fraud.  It is this combined passion that keeps us working long hours, nights, and weekends to serve you in foreclosure defense, debt defense, bankruptcy, real estate and soon, student loan defense.

We are dedicated to all of our clients, to keeping them informed, and most of all, to providing them with the best possible legal representation! While there are still so many challenges ahead and causes worthy of our fight to see justice served, we would like to take this time to reflect and express our most sincere gratitude, especially to our clients who put their trust and confidence in us and also to extend our most heartfelt wishes for a peaceful and healthy holiday season and very happy New Year.

From Evan M. Rosen and all of us at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A.

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