Certain Media Outlets Soft on Banking Criminals Hard on Those Who Seek Justice

The Columbia Journalism Review site has a great article that dissects a terrific example of how most if not all of the mainstream media has taken on the role of being press agents for banks while using harsh inquisition tactics for those who dare to criticize too big to fail financial institutions.

Neil Barofsky, former Special Inspector General of TARP (fraud watchdog on the use of bailout funds), recently wrote a blockbuster of a tell-all book titled “Bailout”.  It’s an absolute must read.  He’s hit the book tour circuit hard.  One of his recent T.V. interviews was on a CNBC panel.   Barofsky faced a rough and rude crowd in that interview.

Read more and watch the interview video clips at the CRJ.org article, CNBC: kid gloves for bankers, boxing gloves for bank critics  here.

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