Truth Behind America’s Recent Job Growth, Good Jobs with Benefits Replaced by Low Wage Jobs

A new report from the National Employment Law Project highlights America’s Low Wage Recovery.  This is not news to anyone living in the real world outside of politics, high level government, or finance. What this report shows is that the poor and teens struggle to find any jobs at all because of the downward displacement of the formerly middle class white and blue collar workers into retail, fast food, and other low wage jobs.

The five main findings of this report are:

  1. Lower-wage occupations were 21 percent of recession job losses but 58 percent of recovery growth
  2. Mid-wage occupations were 60 percent of recession losses, but only 22 percent of recovery growth
  3. Higher-wage occupations were 19 percent of recession job losses, and 20 percent of recovery growth
  4. Job growth occurred fasted in retail, food prep, waiting tables, home care aids, laborers, customer service, and office clerks
  5. The unbalanced recession and recovery have meant that the long-term rise in inequality in the U.S. continues

For more on The Low-Wage Recovery and Growing Inequality (full report – pdf) from National Employment Law Project go here.

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