How The Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen Won a Foreclosure Trial Before it Ever Started

Just minutes before the start of a trial the other day:

Me: Hi, Ian (Opposing Counsel). How’s things?

OC: Hi, Evan. I’m good thanks. You? Anything we can do to resolve this?

Me: What did you have in mind?

OC: Maybe some cash in exchange for a consent judgment?

Me: I don’t have authority from my client to consent to judgment. Is Catherine (witness they only recently disclosed after tons of pretrial problems leading to two prior continuances) here?

OC: No, _________(someone from Nationstar I’ve never heard of) is here.

Me: Well, that’s a problem. You know you have some problems in this case. You wanna talk to your client about taking a voluntary dismissal?

OC: Ok, I’ll be back.

Within a minute, two Broward clerks and the duty Judge are calling us up to get assigned to the trial judge, who is waiting for us. We walk up and then…

 OC: Judge, we are entering a voluntary dismissal. Here’s the written notice.

Me: Good afternoon Judge. (I get my copy and walk out)

That was fun….


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