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There is a common misconception among homeowners that it does not matter what lawyer they hire to defend their foreclosure case. Most consumers believe that if they have not paid their mortgage they are ultimately going to lose their case so why pay more to get one of the best lawyers. This belief may sound logical but if you ask a judge, judicial assistant, court bailiff of any lawyer who is in foreclosure court day in and day out, they will tell you the belief is wrong. Hire a below average foreclosure lawyer and you will likely be no better off than you would be actively representing yourself on a pro-se (self-represented) basis. Hire the best possible foreclosure defense lawyer and you will not only stay in your home much longer but there is a substantial chance the lawyer will win your case outright or settle it on favorable terms.

I have watched Evan Rosen defend a foreclosure case in Court and have read orders from his cases. I have seen many other foreclosure lawyers try cases and win and try cases and lose. Unfortunately there are a lot for lawyers who say that they do foreclosure defense when all they really do is foreclosure delay. Often when the Court sets a block of 30 cases for foreclosure trial, in 3 there are loan modification settlements, in 26 the homeowner or the homeowners lawyer agree to give up the home (consent to judgment) in exchange for an 90 day sale date and in 1 case there is actually a trial. When this happens in Broward or Miami-Dade there is a good shot that one case going to trial will be defended by Evan Rosen. There are a large number of foreclosure defense lawyers with ZERO trial experience. There are others who just do not want to invest the huge amount of time it takes to prepare for a foreclosure trial. There are very few lawyers defending foreclosures who regularly try cases like Evan does and he wins an outstanding portion of his trials, an astounding feat given that “our client paid every month” is something that is NEVER heard in foreclosure Court. Long before the foreclosure crisis hit Evan Rosen was trying serious complex Civil Litigation matters to verdict before South Florida juries. Trial work is his passion and he is great at it. Rosen was so disgusted by other lawyers just giving up and consenting to judgment that has put on seminars for other foreclosure defense lawyers to teach them how to try cases. He is so well respected by other foreclosure defense lawyers that in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, he had a full room of lawyers paying over one thousand dollars each, to learn his trial techniques.

The lawyers who try cases for banks, usually work for foreclosure mills, where young inexperienced lawyers have 600 to 800 foreclosure cases on their desk. Nobody goes to law school dreaming of taking peoples homes away. Foreclosure mills representing banks often hire new law school graduates from third-rate law schools. Foreclosure mills can run over homeowners who do not hire lawyers and fail to even show up for their trials. Foreclosure mill lawyers rarely face off with a top trial lawyers like Evan Rosen. In a properly defended case, that bank has far more issues to prove that just that the homeowner did not pay. The bank, as the plaintiff, has to win every issue to win the case. Rosen has an uncanny ability to find the one or two issues where the bank is weakest and win those issues. If you are looking for a South Florida foreclosure defense lawyer, Rosen should be on your short list. If you interview two law firms to find the one with the right fit, ask both to show you trial judgment (with their client’s names redacted) where they have taken a case to trial and won. Rosen can show you a whole bunch of these. If your home is your biggest asset and your mortgage is you biggest debt, which lawyer you choose for what could be the biggest legal and financial fight of your life is important. Put as much time into researching lawyers as you would buying a home or car. Choose wisely.

– Richard S.

My experience with the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen P.A. has been nothing short of exceptional. I have known Evan and his staff for over five years now, and have always felt cared for, both personally and professionally. Evan is one-of-a-kind and truly works in the best interest of the homeowner. He has always made himself available to answer questions and is abreast of the latest changes in the law, as it relates to foreclosure defense. He and his staff have evolved over time and adapted to the changes in the law, which allows for the best possible outcome for the homeowner. He literally treats every case as if he were defending his own home. He is passionate about the work he does and is committed to the highest standard of care. His integrity is unmatched. His staff is always kind, courteous and available to answer any and all questions (and trust me I had a ton!) I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone seeking the best possible representation for foreclosure.

– Kerri A.

Nothing short of phenomenal. From the initial conversation Mr. Rosen had divulged so much information that it was a no brainer on which attorney to choose. What was unexpected was how deeply he immersed himself into the case to the point he had me believing he was trying to save his own home. His performance in court was nothing short of brilliant, I will be sleeping peacefully for the first time in months. While I’m completely elated from the win right now, the thing that I am most enthused about is that I met a truly decent human being, a person of this caliber is rare find. Thanks for everything Evan.

– Winston P.

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have toward Evan Rosen. He handled our case with the utmost urgency, confidence and professionalism. Him and his entire staff were amazing throughout the process. They kept us informed in every step and explained our options honestly and in a way that we were able to make decisions knowing full well the risks and possible outcomes. His hard work and knowledge of the law gave us a final outcome that I never thought would have been possible. Thank you Evan for giving my family closure on this case and the possibility to move on without this extra burden! I highly recommend Evan Rosen to anyone!

– Mauro C.

In a few words, Evan Rosen saved my house. He got a final judgment on my favor. The judge gave the bank many opportunities (continuance of the trial even a mistrial) to solve all the issues that Evan Rosen will bring up to the Judge (issues that were wrong with my case). At the end, his arguments could not be overlooked by the Judge and Evan Won the Judgment in favor of the Defendant (me) and an involuntary dismissal of the case. If you want to have the best chances to win your foreclosure case, you need Evan Rosen on your side. He is the Super Lawyer. I have seen him flying out of the courthouse.

– Oscar

Evan Rosen, an attorney, is my hero. I watched Evan in trial yesterday at the Miami-Dade County Courthouse. As also a foreclosure defense attorney, I have fought this battle in foreclosure cases so many times and have won some; however, in the end too few that I should have won because I lost hope and then my message to the Court got lost too. Watching Evan Rosen win the trial yesterday has restored my hope, but it has also taught me that I and other foreclosure defense counsel need to do things with more respect, preparation and trial skills in order to be heard and get our message across to the Court. Watching Evan work yesterday’s trial with perseverance, grace and respect for the law, the judge, the witness and opposing counsel taught me a lesson that my father has repeated to me through the years – in essence, “it is not what you say and that you may be correct, but how you say it that you will get your message delivered”. Evan did not make the judge feel bad when he explained the law to the judge, and instead he helped the judge have enough material (equity and the law) to support the judge’s final position in our client’s favor. The loan servicer’s witness was not antagonistic toward Evan and became his friend instead of adversary throughout the trial (opposing counsel trusted Evan and gave Evan permission to speak with the witness), and opposing counsel congratulated Evan on a job well done – despite the sting they must have felt for not winning in the end. Evan acted like a gentleman at all times. He made strategic choices and looked ahead several moves like in a chess game and then made certain moves that could have hurt us temporarily but led to an overall final win. And while everyone else took a lunch break, Evan was studying three forbearance agreements that were not on the exhibit list and were sought to be entered into evidence against the Judge’s own prior order. However, despite the Judge’s own order, Evan prepared for their eventual entry into evidence and had to re-strategize the whole case for their evidentiary impact. Evan didn’t give up. Evan didn’t lose hope. And Evan Rosen won the trial for his client. But even if he had lost the trial, yesterday, Evan won the respect of the Judge and the entire courtroom. Thank you for making this life on earth a better place for everyone to live – with a home or without a home.

– Vestalia A.

Mr. Rosen and staff are dedicated to you the client trust me I was facing foreclosure I mean serious stuff , but Mr. Rosen took my case he was dedicated and he fought for me he never excluded me from anything whatever went on he or staff would call and explained everything to me elementary , now I’m not savvy in that area so he took it slow (smile) through all of this I was going thru with family as well and he’d listen to me tell me he’s praying for my family …….. who would do that only a true person and I really thank God for him he took my case and believed in me he worked all hours of the night even neglecting his own family time,,, I’d fill bad though because he’s a family type guy, but when I tell you he’s honest and straight up , he don’t hold nothing from you with his help and the grace of God I won my case!!!!!!! And I’m again enjoying what I worked so hard to accomplish . Thank God for you Mr. Rosen and staff you guys are a God send.

– Rita G.

Mr. Rosen was recommended to us by our friends and we highly recommend him for his excellent service. He represented us in the matter of foreclosure defense. His comprehensive and detailed knowledge of Florida law, federal law and ongoing relevant cases was key to building a robust and winning strategy for our case. He presented us with several options and the risks associated with each, but ultimately, we picked the one that worked best for us. Mr. Rosen and his legal team are highly professional and always easily approachable via phone or e-mail. Once again, highly recommended.

– Jadwiga M.

If you need an attorney that will passionately and honestly defend you and actually care, EVAN is the guy! He is very knowledgeable about consumer finance and foreclosure defense. He has great work ethic and strives for the best!

– Nydia A.

I would like to inform anyone who is looking for foreclosure representation how pleased I am with the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A., Evan is very personable, professional and an expert in his field. Just as important, he is very reliable and trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile.

My mother and I have been in a long foreclosure case for 7 years. Attorney Evan Rosen came to court prepared to win our case this past July, and after many hours of debate, he was victorious and was able to have our case Involuntary Dismissed. We truly appreciate the counsel he has provided since 2012 as it has kept the bank from taking our home.

Evan’s knowledge and guidance in this field are tremendous and we thank God for him every day. I felt the need to express how fortunate we are to have an attorney like Evan on our side. I highly recommend anyone who is in foreclosure to call the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A.- Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Evan Rosen, you are without a doubt the best at foreclosure law. Thank you for fighting aggressively for our home. No words can express how thankful and grateful we are.

– Nancy L.

I highly recommend Evan Rosen and his team if you are needing foreclosure defense. They are extremely dedicated, very knowledgeable, well known and respected by other attorneys and judges. Evan and his team truly care about the people they are helping. In a world where the big banks rule it is nice to see people like Evan fighting back for the homeowners. Through their hard work and effort, they were able to get our foreclosure case dismissed and we know we can count on Evan and his staff to continue to work hard defending us now and in the future as needed. You don’t need to feel helpless against the banks with Evan and his team representing your defense. Thanks again to Evan and his incredible staff!

– Randy C.

Evan and his team are amazing!! I am so happy I chose them to represent me in my foreclosure defense case. They are dedicated, hard workers, who truly love what they do and care about the people they are helping. In a world where the big banks rule it is nice to see people like Evan fight back for the underdogs, the homeowners! Keeping our house was so important to our family yet our biggest debt. Evan was able to find all the mistakes the bank had made and after a lot of work got our case dismissed with prejudice! We couldn’t be happier! I recommend him to anyone in need of a foreclosure defense attorney. He is well known and respected by other attorneys and judges. He is the best foreclosure defense attorney out there! If you care about your home choose Evan and his team to represent you! Thanks, Evan we are truly grateful!

Thanks Evan we are truly grateful!!

– Lorena C.

I am so grateful to Evan and his team of Professionals for winning my case. From the very first contact I knew I was working with a competent attorney that headed a true consumer advocate Law Firm who really wanted to make a difference and Help the little guy. I had worked with other Law Firms in the past, even on this same case. Once Evan was on board I felt for the first time like I was really in good hands and that if I was ever going to have a shot it was with Evan and his team. From start to finish they were prepared. They worked really hard, diligently digging and researching all that was necessary for a successful day in court. Sure enough, once we finally had our day in court Evan was better prepared. As a seasoned trial veteran he was able to negotiate a voluntary dismissal from the plaintiff without even having to argue our case to the court. That tells me A lot about Evan as a lawyer. He is the guy you want in your corner. I would recommend EVAN ROSEN PA to anyone in need of the best foreclosure trial attorney in town. In my opinion and for my money Evan is the Best and I will be forever grateful! Thank you EVAN!

– David H.

My family and I have had a long-term relationship with Evan Rosen PA and Associates, as a result of financial struggles that we endured during the 2006 recession. In November, 2015, we went to trial on our third and final property. At the time of the trial, I was three months pregnant with severe morning sickness and found out that I was being subpoenaed to appear in court. From the outset, it was evident that my comfort level during the upcoming trial was of utmost importance to Evan and his staff. Accommodations were made to help get me through the day, and of course, Evan made certain that I was as comfortable as possible.

The morning of the trial, as I sat waiting for our time in front of the judge, I watched as several other families and/or their attorneys presented settlement agreements to the judge in exchange for a typical two month sale date of the property. It was clear to me that the foreclosures had simply been stalled, and that the attorneys were content to provide their clients with a few extra weeks in their homes. This couldn’t have been further from my reality. Evan spent weeks preparing for my case, calling with updates and assuring me that he was putting forth every effort possible to SAVE my home, not just stall the foreclosure process.

When it came time for Evan to appear in front of the judge, he did so with confidence and integrity. I knew without a doubt that if there was any chance of saving my home, Evan would make it happen. Not only did he present a solid, well-founded case, he treated the opposing counsel and judge with the upmost respect and dignity throughout the entire process. As it turns out, we prevailed, and parted with a hug and a high five.

Over the past three years, Evan and his team have successfully saved all three of my family’s homes, as a result of their hard work and unwavering dedication to upholding the law. It is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel toward this law office and the hard-working, humble individuals who make it all possible. It is clear that this group of individuals is truly fulfilling their purpose in life, and that they lead this practice with their hearts, rather than their ego or their wallet. I highly recommend this law office to anyone who is going through the painful process of foreclosure. They are truly a breath of fresh air.

– Kerri F.

I am so grateful first to god and for the blessing of putting attorney Evan Rosen and his team of professional, in our lives. If you are going through a foreclosure and don’t know what to do, I can honestly tell you that attorney Evan Rosen is the person to talk (855-55-ROSEN) he takes his time to hear your situation and never sugar coats anything and he does not give you false hope. He is an attorney that you can be sure will fight the fight for you. I know now a days its hard to find an attorney you can trust but know this, you will not regret the day you chose him.

– Julie D.

In a world where the Big Bank Position themselves as Goliath and there is no chance to win. Regardless to what wrong doing and all out fraud they engage in, it is good to know that a David still exist. My choosing Evan Rosen and his team was the best decision I have ever made. Remember the banks can threaten you like a school yard bully but they are still bound by the law. Having a competent highly knowledgeable attorney is key to taking a stance and saying no more.

Before you give up thinking you have no chance of winning, give Evan and his awesome team a chance. Not only was Evan was able to get my case dismissed without prejudice, but he got the plaintiff’s (the banks) witness banned from testify in other foreclosure cases! Evan may have already help you and you haven’t even met. So give the law offices of Evan M. Rosen, PA a call you wont regret it.

– Denver C.

I am really grateful to Mr. Rosen for his outstanding representation. If you are going through the stress of what to do on property problems, he is the best. I highly recommend him to all.

– Douglas P.

I am a Court Reporter and I have had the privilege of working with Evan. He very articulate and poised. His character has earned him, from my opinion, the respect of court officials, such as Judges etc. I would definitely recommend his services.

– Lucianna C.

Evan is top foreclosure defense attorney in South Florida and is highly recommended.

– Matthew B.

This is a plea to every homeowner out there that is being foreclosed on by the bank, and believes that there’s nothing they can do about it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Believe me, there is something you can do. You can hire a good foreclosure attorney to intercede on your behalf. Every day more and more homeowners are fighting the banks in court and winning. If you do nothing, the banks will win without a fight. That’s what they count on. My wife and I hired a big law firm to handle our foreclosure defense. After six years of postponements and being passes around from attorney to attorney within the firm we decided we needed a more aggressive attorney. After investigating several local attorneys we decided to go with the law firm of Evan M. Rosen in Hollywood Florida. After meeting with Mr. Rosen it became apparent that he was passionate about defending his clients against the predatory practices of the banks. His dedication to our case was outstanding. He’s a man that really cares. Every case is a crusade for him and his dedicated staff against the banks. What our big fancy law firm could not do in six years, Mr. Rosen and his staff did in four months. His strategy was brilliant his execution flawless. He won our case hands-down, saving our home from foreclosure. Now we own our home free and clear, the best part was beating the bank at its own game. So if you believe there’s nothing you can do, think again. You don’t have to lie down and take it, you can fight back. My wife and I were in the same situation, we chose to fight and we won. We highly recommend Mr. Rosen. He is a fantastic attorney. we thank heaven we were lucky enough to find him. Take a look at his webpage or give him a call. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did.

– Tony and Eva

Evan is a hard-working, intelligent, and thoughtful litigator. There is no one better in South Florida.

– Jennifer S.

Evan won my case! He does what needs to be done and is extremely knowledgeable. When he doesn’t know something, he and his team research the specific issues and learn them well. This is crucial.

– David

Congrats to the team of Evan Rosen PA for forcing an involuntary dismissal in a bank friendly environment. My case was an example of the bank lawyers expecting to win by just showing up. However, Team Rosen: Michael, Leana, Kimberly, Lisa, Nakeita and Evan continued to push back against the firewall of injustice, thus enjoying the thrill of victory not the agony of defeat.

At the beginning of the relationship, I felt Team Rosen had the firepower to balance the scales of justice and give average people access to due process. The staff was courteous and informative. When I needed questions answered or had concerns, Evan’s staff or co-counsel Nakeita were always available. Team Rosen’s research specialist, Lisa, not only drew on the firm’s vast legal database but also coordinated with me to confirm information germane to the case.

The above personnel and their efforts shaped the course of action Evan used at the trial, resulting in an involuntary dismissal. Good job Team Rosen, keep up the good work and may due process (14th Amendment) live forever.

– Julian

Evan and his team won my foreclosure case, but that’s not why I’m recommending them. The past several years have been very difficult for me (as is the case for many others), and facing foreclosure seemed inevitable. Once I got the courage to face the problem head-on and link up with Evan’s firm, everything changed almost at once. I learned of my rights, was provided strategic guidance and most of all given a fighting chance. I felt informed and valued every step of the way for the entire 2 year process. The professionalism, compassion and value provided far exceeded my expectations. If you are in a similar situation my suggestion is don’t wait, take a deep breath and call Evan, you will be very glad you did.

My sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to Evan and his team for the incredible work done on my case. The Victory proves their knowledge, expertise and determination, but this review serves to prove their compassion, professionalism and deep understanding of the people they serve.

– Christopher

One night I was searching online for a good foreclosure attorney, I was blessed when I noticed that someone from Mr. Evan Rosen’s Office was chatting with me stating that help is here. I quickly made an appointment and Mr. Rosen was so kind and caring and took great interest in wanting to offer the best solution. He has the tools, the knowledge, and the best associates who go above and beyond to work the case and at the same time gives his client peace of mind. He will get your property back. He did for me and I am so gratified. Call anytime they will answer the phone and guide you through the process. I thank God every day that I had connected to him and his staff. Good job! Mr. Rosen, thank you, yours truly.

– M.R.

Working with Evan M. Rosen over the last several years was easy and productive. I came to understand that many times in foreclosure situations there are no easy solutions and sometimes no solutions at all. Evan and his team did a great job of informing me of the law, understanding my wishes and coming up with the best possible solution in a field of very difficult choices. Like many I was caught up in the financial crisis, stuck with a home, a job loss and a divorce. My matter was made more difficult by a bank that sent conflicting information, threatened and tried to scare me. I don’t know how anyone could face these difficulties without the help of an attorney that has their best interests at heart. Additionally, I also tried several other lawyers in South Florida before being referred to Evan. I’ve not met his equal.

– Aaron

If you’re a homeowner looking to hire an attorney to defend you in a foreclosure case, Evans Rosen is the best attorney in south Florida. Mr Rosen has an impeccable reputation and case record which demonstrates how his dedication and attention to detail translates into a win for your case. Evan Rosen is motivated to help his clients receive the best attention and support possible as they battle what is most times a very emotional dilemma in their lives. Evan Rosen diligently researches and prepares each case before proceeding. Once involved Evan Rosen fights until an ultimate goal is achieved for his client. I must say in a recent foreclosure case Mr. Rosen handled for me, I was amazed at the efficiency Mr. Rosen and his team gave me. I was kept up to date and Mr. Rosen was able to win my case. Mr Rosen always gave 110% to make sure i received the best care available. As a result Mr Rosen was victorious again. He’s an attorney with genuine concern for his clients. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have him for my attorney.

– Alice

Evan has renew my trust in lawyers and the legal system. I’m glade he’s on my team and that his firm has really helped me through this difficult time.

– John

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