Hooray for Florida! We’re Number One!

Florida has earned the dubious honor of being number one in the nation for foreclosures filed against families.  Florida has more than twice national average of foreclosure activity.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, those figures came from a housing data firm, RealtyTrac, which reported Palm Beach County’s October 2012 foreclosure starts at 925 while the Palm Beach County Clerk of Court reports a much more larger figure, 1,418 new October 2012 foreclosures.  This is 493 or 35% more than what RealtyTrac is reporting and that’s just in Palm Beach County.

What’s most important though is that these statistics are not just numbers.  At our firm, we know foreclosures are happening to far too many good people, real people with real lives, each month.  Countless families are living in a state of deep unease due to the financial crisis, caused by big banks and their greed.  Those banks got bailed out while families all across the country are left to fend for the themselves, often scapegoated as being the cause of their own problems.  Your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances may be struggling with a foreclosure and afraid to talk about it.  We are here for all South Floridians who would like to consult with someone who will be on their side during these difficult times as well as in the future when times are much better.


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