Ignite Your Mission to Success Part I – The Foundation of Success

All successful people have a formula. Whether it’s making hamburgers or rocket ships, the factors that determine success are the same. Ray Kroc of McDonald’s followed the same basic approach to success that Elon Musk is now using to launch rocket ships into space.

For over two decades, I’ve served clients struggling with health, financial, legal, and family issues. Some of my clients have gone on to do very well, some seem to stay stuck, and most are somewhere in the middle. I’ve noticed there are thought and behavior patterns among them. Successful people have a distinct approach to life, work, and problem-solving. And unsuccessful people have a unique approach too, only it holds them back. I’ve been conscious of this for years and have taken notes on it. I’ve also interviewed many extremely successful people to find out what makes them tick. And since I was a teenager, I’ve read tons of self-help books and have attended well-known self-improvement workshops. I’ve taken and kept notes on that too.

About a year ago, I started compiling all my notes and workbooks from these experiences–organizing everything in a way that is easy to follow. And the result is “Ignite Your Mission to Success,” a seminar and workshop that covers every step of the formula for success. It includes worksheets and exercises to help guide you through everything. But instead of spending thousands of dollars and several long days together (like almost all other self-help seminars/workshops), we will cover the material over the course of ten one-hour, reasonably priced Zoom-based webinars. The registration and fee covers one webinar. New invitations will be sent each week. And while it’s best to attend all of the webinars as the content flows from one to the next, you can attend any of them and benefit from it.

The hour will be fun, uplifting, and eye-opening. And you will not just be sitting in your chair listening/watching the whole time!

Come Join Us for Ignite Your Mission to Success Part I – The Foundation of Success. Click here for more information and to register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1H11-AITS8-PnM9Km10OSA.


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