Wall Street’s Influence on Politics, Law Makers, Law Enforcers, and Regulators

Six Easy Steps to a Government of the Banks, For the Banks, By the Banks

  1. Maintain a spinning revolving door between big finance and legislators, law enforcers, and regulators to ensure friends are in powerful positions.
  2. Fund an army of lobbyists ready to provide rapid-response, detailed, Wall Street-friendly analysis of proposed legislation and regulation (here,herehere,here, etc).
  3. Horde of academics-for-hire to craft financial industry propaganda masquerading as authentic economic theories, studies, and papers (here,here  andhere, etc).
  4. Contribute millions to political campaigns on state and federal levels.
  5. Form Political Action Committees (PACs) in order to fund TV adds to attack candidates who promise to protect citizens and hold Wall Street accountable
  6. Ghost write legislation and find find friendly politicians (see #4) to introduce the bills as their own.

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