The Push for Swift Foreclosures So Banks Can Profit While Sweeping American Justice Under the Rug is ON!!!

I can hardly believe an economist said this:

"Right now you’re prolonging the agony. Do you want to take the Band-Aid off your arm slowly so you can feel each hair being pulled out by the root, or do you want to do it quickly and get it over with?" said Sean Snaith, an economist at the University of Central Florida. "For the state’s economy as a whole, it’s a positive development."

This is about so much more than just getting it over with; it’s about this still being the United States of America and in this country, our citizens are entitled to due process, an opportunity to be heard and a fair day in court. If someone is not paying their mortgage, not living up to their obligations to pay then under the terms of their agreement, they will lose their property but only to the party who can very simply prove they are entitled to it. In our country no one should be allowed to take your property unless they have the right to do so via agreement, assignment or in any other legal way! Certainly, our country does not stand for the idea that some bank or lender can take your property and obtain a judgment against you based on fraudulent documents and affidavits founded on lies!

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