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Serving clients throughout South Florida with real estate closings, foreclosure defense, estate planning, and probate is our passion. It’s often the last thing we think about before going to sleep, and it propels us out of bed (sometimes in the middle of the night). It gives us the opportunity to serve others in a meaningful way, and we are very grateful for that.

The lawyers and staff at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen firmly believe that you need to love what you do to be great at it. As the United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story famously wrote, “the law is a jealous mistress.” This is especially true for those of us who devote our lives to this profession and to constantly striving to be the best lawyers we can be. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We never stop trying to grow and improve. And we follow the golden rule—treating our clients the way we would want to be treated. This includes treating our clients’ cases as if they were our own. Whenever faced with a difficult decision in a real estate closing, foreclosure defense matter, estate plan, or probate, we ask ourselves, what would we do if this were our case? After that, the best course of action is almost always immediately determined. The amount of effort, energy, and time required to best serve our clients is never a factor in our decision-making process.

Evan was very fortunate to grow up in a family of real estate professionals and lawyers. When other young kids were bored at family meals, Evan relished listening to his elders. He learned so much from their experiences and, importantly, their focus on service.

As Evan got older, he never understood the bad lawyer jokes. The lawyers he knew and grew up around did not say or do anything to warrant being the butt of all the jokes. Starting at an early age, Evan learned from lawyers who focused on service and helping clients through challenges—helping them improve their lives and seek justice. Only on very rare occasions, as an anecdote to some story, was there any mention of money. The focus was always on service and being the best professional they could be.

The real estate, foreclosure defense, estate planning, and probate lawyers of the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen share that same focus for service, and desire to be the very best lawyers their clients can have.

For decades, our lawyers have been on a never-ending quest to be the very best we can be. We are regularly reading new books and attending seminars and workshops to constantly try to improve, personally and professionally. We are actively engaged in email listservs with some of the brightest legal minds in the country. This adds wisdom and experience to our own extensive track record of decades of service to Floridians.

In real estate, our lawyers serve clients in every aspect of the process of buying, selling and refinancing real estate. This covers help with the listing agreement, contract, title insurance, and all closing services. We are centrally located in Broward County. And being both passionate about real estate and born and raised in South Florida, Evan knows the local market and as well as the law and local customs extremely well. With us, you are getting an extremely experienced legal team, but you are also getting much more. We can guide you and give feedback into just about every aspect of your sale, purchase, or refinance.

We also help people defend against foreclosure and achieve their goals in those matters. A client’s goals can include a dismissal or judgment in their favor, short sale, deed-in-lieu, principal reduction, short payoff, short reinstatement, deferment, forbearance, or loan modification.

In estate planning and probate, we serve clients in preparing wills, trust, powers of attorney, guardianship, advanced health care directives and more. We also help probate estates.

Each client’s goals are unique and serving you and helping you achieve your goals will be a driving force behind the decisions our firm makes while serving you. Ultimately, an attorney/client relationship is service based. As we understand it, our role is to serve you. We also have an obligation to counsel you, so you can make informed decisions during the representation. The client is the principal in the relationship. Your goals, as the client, are paramount. And we never forget that.

We help clients in Broward County (and throughout the state) buy, sell, and refinance real estate, defend against foreclosure, contemplate and prepare estate planning documents, and probate estates.

Since 1997, Evan M. Rosen has relied on his passion for service to help others. He has even taught other lawyers, in several sold-out workshops, the law and art of handling trials. He is a perfectionist. This applies to the service he provides and the quality of work he expects from his team. Evan has recruited and trained extremely competent and caring lawyers and support staff. For more information about Evan and the firm, including what some judges have said, please click here. You can also Google “Evan M. Rosen” to read the many online reviews written by other people. Those people, and many others, have received help from Evan and the lawyers and staff at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A.

Evan’s passion for service includes an instinct to stand up to bullies. This first surfaced in grade school when Evan stood up for another kid being bullied on the school bus. Something drove him to stand up and say something. The same is now true when it comes to serving clients. It’s likely part of his heritage and religious upbring, but part of it is just apparently in Evan’s DNA. When a client is being bullied in a real estate, foreclosure defense, estate planning, or probate matter, that only tends to push Evan out of his chair, to work and fight harder. When it comes to being an attorney, this character trait is an asset for the clients we serve.

Real Estate

The Broward County real estate lawyers and attorneys at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen help people buy, sell, and refinance real estate in throughout Florida. Evan grew up around many successful real estate investors and developers. All his grandparents and great-grandparents owned investment properties. And while other kids were bored listening to the adults “talk shop,” Evan was always leaning in at the table—listening to the adults share their experiences.

With that background, and with many years of personal and professional experience in real estate, Evan and the lawyers and staff at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen can help you in all aspects of a real estate closing—from the first contract you enter into with a Realtor to transferring the keys. Like everything we do, we aim to treat every client as we would want to be treated, and this includes handling every closing as if it was our own.

Our real estate services include:

  • residential and commercial real estate closings;
  • refinance, second mortgage, or equity line closings;
  • contract preparation and review;
  • lease drafting and negotiations; and
  • title insurance.
Foreclosure Defense

For too many people, the great American Dream of home ownership has become an American nightmare. Millions of families lost their homes and their life savings during the “Great Recession.” And just as that seemed to finally be behind us, COVID-19 hit—changing life and real estate in profound ways.

In the beginning of the 2008 mortgage foreclosure crisis, many cases languished for years, while “foreclosure delayers” took advantage of homeowners, charging to do little, if any, work. Those “delayers” are still out there but, due to a few reasons, cases can now move from start to finish in a matter of months. The foreclosure defense attorneys at our Broward County law offices are not “foreclosure delayers.” We fight to serve our clients facing foreclosure. We hold banks and financial institutions accountable, forcing them to abide by the rule of law just like everyone else.

Not only will we aggressively defend you with our extensive knowledge and experience, but we will also treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Our foreclosure defense lawyers are eager to serve you and help you achieve your goals, whether you want to keep your home with an affordable loan modification, walk away without owing any money, fight the foreclosure and win, or pursue any other approach.

A well-defended foreclosure has many benefits including the ability to continue to live in your home during the fight. Throughout the foreclosure process, we will help develop your case and elicit valuable facts that can result in the bank settling with great terms. Banks generally have one goal—to make as much money as possible. With us defending your foreclosure case, the costs for the bank often increase significantly. So, it is not surprising that many of our cases result in a fair settlement, allowing most of our clients to achieve a successful outcome.

Centrally located in Broward County, Florida, the experienced foreclosure defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen have a well-earned reputation for being aggressive, thorough, experienced, and extremely competent litigators. We have helped many clients obtain loan modifications with lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. We’ve negotiated short sales and consent judgments with waivers of deficiency so you can walk away from the foreclosure case without having to worry that some bank may try to collect a money judgment against you. We have also helped clients with short payoffs, reinstatement plans, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, and several other creative solutions.

If you do nothing, a bank can obtain a foreclosure judgment quickly. Within a few weeks of that judgment being entered, a sheriff could show up at your door commanding you to vacate in twenty-four hours. If you don’t, the sheriff will return the following day and forcibly remove you and all your personal property from the premises.

Doing nothing is a choice, but it is the absolute worst choice you can make. It essentially guarantees the worst possible result. But with competent representation, the odds change immediately. You will at least have a fighting chance. And understandably, the better the lawyer, the better your odds should be. Don’t make the mistake of doing nothing.

Law firms that represent banks typically get paid per case based on how quickly they process a matter from suit to title transfer. Bank lawyers can quickly resolve hundreds of “uncontested” cases—cases where the borrower does not have a lawyer. But well-defended cases change the paradigm significantly. If you were a lawyer that got paid per case, how would you spend your time and focus your efforts? Processing hundreds of cases quickly, or fighting an aggressive, competent attorney that eats up a large portion of your time on just one case?

In many of the cases we handle, just our presence generates immediate settlement talks. Our cases are also often taken off the assembly line and moved to a different department at the bank law firm, or to a different firm altogether. This tends to get someone on the other side who has a direct line to a decision maker at the bank, and it generally increases the odds of a resolution. It helps cut the red tape. And, as with any other heavily contested litigation, it takes time. While we are ethically prohibited from taking steps calculated to delay, we are ethically obligated to be a zealous advocate for our clients. And dedicated, zealous advocacy takes time.

The foreclosure defense attorneys at our Broward County firm are devoted to serving our clients and will aggressively defend you while you remain in your home. We handle cases throughout the state. And for our foreclosure defense attorneys’ fees, we typically offer monthly flat fee payment plans which are less than the cost to rent a home in any remotely decent area. Don’t delay. Call now and let the lawyers and staff at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A. Serve You!

Estate Planning and Probate

Ever since law school, Evan found something honorable and noble about the fact that people—through estate planning—can ensure their intent is carried out after they pass away. Through a will or trust, you can decide how you want critical decisions to be handled. You can create a guardianship so that you can decide who will care for your minor children. And you can even create a trust to care for a pet. If you do not take control of these issues while you are alive, the state—through its “intestate” succession process—will control them for you.

There are also several different documents or instruments that allow you to control how important decisions will be handled throughout your life. For example, you can use a power of attorney to appoint someone to handle the sale of your property. You can create an advanced health care directive like a living will to control how you would like certain health care decisions to be carried out. Or you can appoint a “health care surrogate” to make critical medical decisions for you. You can also decide if you would like to make an “anatomical gift.”

Whether a person has a will or “dies intestate,” the formal process of gathering and transferring a deceased person’s assets and resolving any claims/debts is called probate. In addition to handling all estate planning and other related documents, we also help people with probate matters. And as experienced litigators, we can handle all aspects of probate litigation. (But ideally, through thoughtful planning and the use of certain documents like a revocable living trust, you can spare your loved ones the time and expense of probate.)

Negotiations, Trials, and Appeals

In all matters, Evan loves negotiating and every facet of the chess match that can evolve through that process. (He started at an early age, enjoying hours-long baseball card trading negotiations with other kids. In team debate in high school, he travelled the country prevailing in several national tournaments. Parts of that process taught him numerous tricks and tips for public speaking, persuasive argument, and negotiations. And in law school, the dean of the school taught the course on negotiations. Evan loved that too.)

But the saying that “there is no substitute for experience,” is especially true in negotiations. Evan has successfully negotiated thousands of cases. He has developed a system, checklist, and spreadsheet that he uses to maximize the odds of success. Information is the lifeblood of negotiations. Whoever controls the information best, increases their odds of success in the ultimate outcome. Evan breaks down information into three categories, “give, guard, and get.” There is information he “gives” to help the cause, information he “guards” that can hurt a client’s bargaining strength, and then there is information you need to “get.” With that, Evan seeks to find “hot buttons”—tidbits of information about the other side’s motivations/concerns that he can use as negotiating “leverage.” Evan has learned skills and tactics like these and many more from mentors, teachers, books, and seminars. He loves handling negotiations for his clients and has a wealth of experience helping clients get the maximum results through settlement. (Evan also views his father, a trial lawyer since 1965, as a master of this process. And Evan has learned a ton from him and will still, on occasion, consult with his father about some new wrinkle or angle in a negotiation.)

Importantly, if negotiations break down, Evan has extensive trial experience and enjoys serving clients seek and obtain justice in court. There is a reason there are so many courtroom drama TV shows and movies. Trial can be very emotional and dramatic. Evan loves putting together a thoughtful, persuasive, and truthful presentation that empowers the jury to grant justice, for the full amount that justice requires.

Thankfully, in the great majority of our cases, the juries have responded well and have done the right thing—entering verdicts that fully compensate our clients. When needed, we’ll gladly go to trial to seek and obtain justice.

Ultimately, the decision to accept a settlement is a client’s call, not ours. But like every other aspect of our representation, we will do all we can to counsel our clients and help them make an informed decision. We also do all we can to get the highest possible offer on the table.

Our law firm is based in Broward County, and we help people throughout Florida with real estate closings, foreclosure defense, estate planning, and probate. If you or someone you know needs help in any of those areas of law, contact us today. Let the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen serve you!

Client Reviews
Mr. Rosen was recommended to us by our friends and we highly recommend him for his excellent service. He represented us in the matter of foreclosure defense. His comprehensive and detailed knowledge of Florida law, federal law, and ongoing relevant cases was key to building a robust and winning strategy for our case. He presented us with several options and the risks associated with each, but ultimately, we picked the one that worked best for us. Mr. Rosen and his legal team are highly professional and always easily approachable via phone or e-mail. Once again, highly recommended. Jadwiga M.
In a few words, Evan Rosen saved my house. He got a final judgment in my favor. The judge gave the bank many opportunities (continuance of the trial even a mistrial) to solve all the issues that Evan Rosen will bring up to the judge (issues that were wrong with my case). In the end, his arguments could not be overlooked by the judge and Evan won the judgment in favor of the defendant (me) and an involuntary dismissal of the case. If you want to have the best chances to win your foreclosure case, you need Evan Rosen on your side. He is the Super Lawyer. I have seen him flying out of the courthouse. Oscar D.
I am so grateful first to god and for the blessing of putting attorney Evan Rosen and his team of professional, in our lives. If you are going through a foreclosure and don't know what to do, I can honestly tell you that attorney Evan Rosen is the person to talk (855-55-Rosen) he takes his time to hear your situation and never sugar coats anything and he does not give you false hope. He is an attorney that you can be sure will fight the fight for you. I know nowadays it's hard to find an attorney that you can trust, but know this, you will not regret the day you choose him. Julie D.
Meet Evan M. Rosen

"You obviously know the area of the law very well. You were courteous to opposing counsel, the witnesses and the court. That is well appreciated. One of the things that I don't think a lot of attorneys who do foreclosure practice, see all the judges have lunch together and we know who has given other judges a hard time. And your reputations many times well precede attorneys, and that be either good or bad. Let me tell you, Mr. Rosen, your reputation in front of me is top notch. You did a great job. Appreciate it because what you do is very hard. Sometime when this is all over I would love to sit down and understand." - The Court

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