The Disappearing Middle Class and the Legal Option of Bankruptcy

Many Americans today are all too aware of the nation’s new demographic, the disappearing middle class.  Those  who fit into this group lived the American dream and lost everything in the aftermath of the man-made financial crisis.  The top financial institutions got bailed out from their dire predicament while the country’s small businesses and individual families were abandoned, left to fend for themselves.  Millions of middle class families are facing financial difficulties that are new, foreign, and frightening.

South Florida has been one of the hardest hit areas; mass unemployment and foreclosures, plummeting housing values, unsustainable mortgage and other debt, rising food and fuel prices, and a non-existent credit market leading more small businesses to close their doors.  Millions of families who did all the right things to live the American dream now realize they too are members of the disappearing middle class.  Banks and other creditors may offer advice that is extremely harmful to the well being of struggling families such as pressuring families to drain retirement savings to catch up payments on an underwater mortgage.  Worse, there may be subtle or overt threats by creditors, harassment, and other illegal collection tactics that frighten stressed families needlessly.   Please do not let shame or guilt weigh you down or leave you vulnerable to scam artists or bad advice.

Families in this situation have options and legal rights.   We at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen are here to listen, ask the right questions to help analyze your unique circumstances, and offer advice and guidance that is in your family’s best interest.   Whether your family needs to get advice, review options, or find effective foreclosure defense, debt defense, or a seasoned bankruptcy attorney, we are here for you.

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