Securitization of Mortgage Debt, the Process Which as Integral in Tanking the World’s Economy, Continues.

A recent article published in Rueters informs us that Wall Street is now securitizing rental income streams from post foreclosed properties now being rented out by Wall Street hedge fund types.  Only now, instead of just buying off the rating agencies to rate securities as “AAA”, as good as gold investements, when Wall Street was privately calling their securities “sacks of s–t!” and buying “insurance” so they could make even more money when they failed, this time around the gambling addicts of high finance/criminal enterprises aren’t even bothering to rate the securities!  For more on securitization, the process of bundling mortgages into trusts and selling fractions of the income stream (bonds) in these trusts, see the chart on our site here.  For more on the article about this newest form of housing securitization, you can read here.

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