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Monthly Archives: October 2012

A federal prosecutor from the Department of Justice has filed a one BILLION dollar civil lawsuit against Countywide/BoA for a massive scheme to defraud investors, notably Freddie and Fannie, into purchasing loans that were practically guaranteed to quickly go bad.  This lawsuit is based on the courage of a former six year Countrywide Vice President,… Read More

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Finally!  Regulators, Law Enforcers, and Politicians Ring Alarm Bells over Document Fraud.  Question Proposed Remedies. Suspicious signatures. False addresses. Unauthorized signers. Omissions of authentic signer identification. Rights of the public violated. Replacement documents when no originals had been executed. Predictions of onslaught of lawsuits. Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigating. Lawyers for Obama and Romney… Read More


The nation’s top banks are tired of paying the price for crashing the economy, defrauding billions from retirement savings, and dispossessing tens of millions of people from their homes in fraudulent foreclosures across the nation.  The banks are ready to move on already.   Their officers and representatives are whining about the continued investigations, lawsuits, and damage to… Read More

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In the fall of 2010, after years of tireless work by foreclosure defense attorneys and citizen activists, the media finally shed light on what is widely known as robosigning.  Robosigning is a dismissive term for the widespread manufacture of evidence, including real estate document fraud and forgery by banks, in order to fraudulently claim the… Read More

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