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Angelo Mozilo is in the news again.  The U.S. gov is gearing up for another civil suit against him.  With all the zombie references we’ve heard during the crisis, “zombie debt,” “zombie homes,” “zombie borrowers,” and “zombie foreclosure,” the real zombie behind the crisis and every other major problem in our country, is GREED.

Countrywide and Mozilo got caught red handed committing all kinds of crimes, immoral and unethical acts, including saddling people with inflated interest rates just because of the color of their skin or the country they are from, giving NINJA loans to people with the only underwriting requirement being that they have a pulse (and I’m sure there were exceptions to that too), the “hustle” program to rip off our government, Fannie and Freddie and so much more, including deceptive mortgage practicesinsider trading and the newest settlement just announced the day of this posting.  The state of California sued them, and so did Connecticut.  Then once caught, charged and on the brink of conviction, Mozilo and Co. paid a very small fraction of their profits as a fine.  Mozilo paid $67.5M in fines but made $535M during just 9 years.  For them, crime pays.  How could this be?!?

Apparently, greed is as intoxicating as any other vice and Mozilo and the other sociopathic criminals that run Wall Street (and our country) are able to peddle this “drug of choice” to the highest levels. It’s as if they are no different that the drug dealers and pimps who I’m sure make small fortunes peddling their vices on Capitol Hill.  Only, in a battle of the vices, it’s not even debatable which is most harmful to our country.  Rather than delivering dime bags and escorts, Mozilo kept his customers well supplied through one of the most notoriously well-known, insidious relationships with our government, the “Friends of Angelo” program.  The result, like lab rats choosing cocaine over food, our government power players, by and large, choose greed, money and power over the job they were sent to Washington to do, serve and represent their constituents.  We now see the devastating consequences of this exponentially escalating addiction.  “Financial institutions” are not only too big to fail and too big to jail, they, and almost every single politician in DC, have become the greatest impediment to our right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Just recently finished up a trial in Broward County, Florida.  The Plaintiff’s witness was very qualified, at something, as an employee for eight years with Seterus, only I’m not sure at what….

After a lengthy direct examination on her general background and “qualifications” in which my relevance objections started to be sustained, Plaintiff goes to move the note into evidence.  I offer to stipulate to the note coming in, if Plaintiff agrees to stipulate that the original was first filed in this case on 2/26/14.  Suit was filed on 12/27/11.  Opposing counsel agrees.  The Plaintiff then asked background questions on the note.  I object relevance, cumulative, we can let the evidence speak for itself. SUSTAINED

Next, copy of mortgage, I stipulate to its admission into evidence.

In early 2013, the Florida Supreme Court in Pino, told us that fraud, in a lawsuit, is defined by a person or entity actually getting away with deceiving the court.  Flat-out lying or attempts to deceive is not “fraud.”  The Court even went out of its way to avoid stating whether or not monetary sanctions would be warranted in Pino, because that issue was not before it.

Before reaching the Supremes, the 4th DCA addressed the case.  Justice Polen, adopting the written opinion of Justice Gary M. Farmer, wrote that:

“Decision-making in our courts depends on genuine, reliable evidence. The system cannot tolerate even an attempted use of fraudulent documents and false evidence in our courts. The judicial branch long ago recognized its responsibility to deal with, and punish, the attempted use of false and fraudulent evidence. When such an attempt has been colorably raised by a party, courts must be most vigilant to address the issue and pursue it to a resolution.”

The other night my wife and I saw the movie “300: Rise of an Empire.” It’s an expansion of the story behind the movie “300,” part prequel, part sequel.  The first of the two movies focuses on the Battle of Thermopylae.  In 480 BC, at the narrow coastal pass of Thermopylae, known as “The Hot Gates,” King Leonidas of Sparta and 300 men held off an advancing Persian army, rumored to be 1,000,000 strong. Not only did the Spartans hold off the Persians for three days, they inflicted huge losses on their massive army. As legend has it, Xerxes I, of Persia, demanded that the Greeks lay down their arms and surrender. King Leonidas responded, “MOLON LABE,” which translates to, come and take it!  Ultimately, all of the 300 were killed but the Greek states united and avenged them, decimating the mighty Persian army in two subsequent battles, the Battle of Salamis and the Battle of Plataea.

What has grown into an iconic statement of defiance, bravery, patriotism, loyalty and an unyielding commitment to never surrender, the saying “Molon Labe,” has been used many times since. “Come and take it” was a slogan in the Texas Revolution. The phrase is on the emblem of the Greek First Army Corps.  It is also the motto of United States Special Operations Command Central (“SOCCENT”). Headquartered in Tampa, SOCCENT, among other roles, has the distinct honor of running wartime special operations missions. The fact that the people responsible for coordinating and assisting our nation’s most elite warriors chose “Molon Labe” as their motto tells you all you need to know about the intense meaning of this phrase. There are many other examples as well.

However, for me the phrase Molon Labe defines the state of minds of so many of our clients, myself, our incredible team, and many of my fellow foreclosure defense attorneys and other consumer advocates of all kinds. We all know the facts behind the historic foreclosure crisis the world is still facing.  Banks gave out money with reckless abandon. They pooled enormous amounts of loans to form investment trusts. Then, they bought off ratings agencies to dupe both insurance companies and investors all over the world.  When the house of cards collapsed, the reckless, greedy sociopaths, who call themselves Wall Street executives, were allowed to fly off into the sunset on their private jets, fortunes intact with millions in new bonuses to boot, while so many of us got wiped out and are still struggling to put the financial pieces of our lives back together.

We won another trial recently.  Both the Plaintiff and the original lender were Suntrust.  For some reason, the Plaintiff moved to substitute to Fannie at the outset of trial.  I argued prejudice and fairness – considering our motion for leave to amend our answer and affirmative defenses was just denied 5 weeks ago, Plaintiff’s motion to substitute, which is effectively the same thing as our motion to amend, should also be denied. Judge ruled. P’s Motion – GRANTED.

On voir dire, the witness from Seterus testified that he just saw the original note today for the first time and learned of the file a few weeks ago in prep for trial.  Same facts as Kelsey vs SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. I argued authenticity of the note.  Also, the note the Plaintiff had in Court was different than note attached to complaint!  I argued several cases that say the Plaintiff is bound by its pleadings.  The pleadings frame the case and are considered judicial admissions. Objections overruled – Note in evidence.

Mortgage – No evidence it was ever recorded (no stamps from the clerk’s office) and it was not even certified!  I argued that it was not self authenticating and based on Yang v. Sebasian Lakes Condominium AssocGlarum v Lasalle Bank National Association and my voir dire of the Seterus representative, who confirmed he knew nothing about a Suntrust mortgage, the mortgage is also hearsay.  Objections overruled – Mortgage in evidence.

Another great depo of a Robo Verifier who knows pretty much nothing about a foreclosure case…

The deposition of Victoria Scott took place on November 20, 2013, during which time Evan questioned Ms. Scott about her knowledge of the truth and accuracy of the facts in the Complaint, which she allegedly verified. During the deposition, Ms. Scott could not verify the facts alleged in paragraphs 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 and 14, as well as in the “wherefore” clause of the Complaint, despite the fact that she signed the verification under penalty of perjury. In many instances, Ms. Scott just simply did not know if a fact was true and correct. She also did not know or understand very basic concepts of a mortgage and mortgage foreclosure that anyone verifying complaints, properly, would have to know and understand.

According to the admission of the Plaintiff’s deponent, the verification found in the Complaint is a sham and should be stricken pursuant to FLA. R. CIV. P. 1.150.

Today, we had our 2013 holiday office party.  After working in the morning, the best supporting cast in the business and I took some time off to share a meal and unwind a bit.  After eating at the Yard House in Gulfstream Park, we drove over to Holiday Bowling Lanes and bowled a couple games.

It is a yearly tradition that I share some thoughts via a poem.  Just after our drinks arrived, I read the following to everyone:

Welcome to the 2013 holiday party!

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