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2015 Holiday Poem

Uncategorized December 23, 2015

As is the norm, I drafted and recited a poem at this year’s office holiday luncheon.  Here is this year’s:


If I could have your attention please

Some words I’d like to say

I’m so glad we’re all together

What an amazing day!


So much we’ve accomplished

Together over this past year

Helped so many others

There is a lot for us to cheer


As of last count

257 trials we’ve attended

A challenge it’s been,

The results have been splendid


And let’s not forget

We also won some appeals

All on behalf of homeowners

For us, they are head over heels


Some major changes

We’ve worked through together

One of which

Keeps us out of the bad weather


We are also now able to walk

To one of the busiest courthouses

Where we face bank lawyers

Many of whom are such louses!


Another change

Welcomes a new attorney to our ranks

How great he is

At f–king with the banks!


So many changes are behind us

We have let the dust settle

After this break is over

We can put the pedal to the metal!


We are lining up our hearings

Getting Randy acclimated to our ways

Hopefully for our clients

We’ll continue to amaze


Two steps back

And now a running jump ahead

Our excellent reputation

Should soon be even more widespread


Warriors of justice like us

There are so few

We all care so much for our cause

What a special crew


I always brag

How together we are like no others

But the truth is, in this fight

We have many brothers


What we are

Is the people’s bail-out

We’ll have a place in history

About this, there is no doubt


Most important to me

To our mission we stay true

Helping those in their pursuit of happiness

That’s what we do!


For your ability

Our office is a showcase

Stay focused on the details

And we’ll continue to make the world a better place


At this time, I ask

Please raise your glasses

To us and the miracles we are a part of

Not to the banks, who are such asses!


Happy Holidays!


Evan and all of us at The Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A.