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Evan M. Rosen

Memberships and AwardsEvan M. Rosen Legal Elite

  • President of South Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers – An invitation only, South Florida group of lawyers who focus their practice on defending those in foreclosure and upholding the rule of law.
  • Member of JEDTI – Jurists Engaged in Defending Title Integrity – An invitation only, statewide group of Florida attorneys who serve others in defense of foreclosure, preserve the integrity of our real property title laws, and fight back against abuse of due process and lack of adherence to the evidence code and rules of procedure.
  • 1st Lieutenant in Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Litigation Boot Camp “Army”
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy – Intensive Trial Training Skills Program
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy – Deposition Skills
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • American Bar Association
  • The Florida Bar
  • Broward County Justice Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Bowman – Ashe Academic Scholarship
  • Founder of Young Entrepreneur’s Symposium, a nationwide BBS
  • Former Secretary/Treasurer of the Miami Project for Paralysis/University of Miami Honors Graduate Bouniconti Fund
  • Former Board Member of Broward County Hurricane Club
  • Volunteer for the Florida Brain Tumor Association
  • Volunteer for the Greg Wohrle Foundation
  • Volunteer for Broward’s Legal Aid Society
  • Voted by Florida Trend Magazine as “Legal Elite”
  • Designated as a “Super Lawyer” by Thomson Reuters


  • University Of Miami, B.B.A., Recipient of Bowman-Ashe Academic Scholarship, General Honors, 1994
  • Nova Southeastern University, J.D., 1997

Recent Appellate Decisions:

At two recent foreclosure law seminars, attended by hundreds of lawyers and a dozen or so judges, two judges publicly singled out Evan, praising him as an “excellent trial advocate” and a “wonderful lawyer.”  To read more about what some judges have said about Evan, click hereherehere and here. To read Evan’s cross examination of a bank witness in a recent foreclosure trial, click here.

Before Evan began his law career, his passion for the law and for fighting for those seeking and deserving justice was firmly cemented in his heart. As a teenager in high school, Evan was not only drawn to the competitive nature of wrestling but he also engaged his early sense for honing compelling, heartfelt arguments by competing in team debate. He and his team debate partner traveled around the country, winning several national tournaments, including the prestigious Emory University Tournament.

At every stage of Evan’s academic studies he received numerous accolades and awards. After graduating the world renowned Pine Crest High School in 1990, Evan went on to attend the University of Miami on an academic Scholarship. He was recognized for having the highest grade point average in his fraternity pledge class and was frequently on the Dean’s List and Provost List for academic achievement. In 1994, Evan graduated with “General Honors” and was recognized for helping form the first collegiate electronic Bulletin Board System called Young Entrepreneur’s Symposium. The system linked college students from around the country together online before the internet as we know it today was created.

While in law school, Evan maintained a high grade point average and held several jobs in order to hone his practical experience.  Ultimately, this early experience paid off. As a young attorney, it did not take long for Evan to dive head first in to a high profile jury trial. He prepared and delivered the closing argument that helped obtain a $1,300,000 verdict for a woman who fell at Wal-Mart. Since that trial, Evan has handled cases against almost every major financial institution, creditor, insurance company, and retailer in America. He has spent countless hours in the courtroom, trying cases, arguing motions, and studying the psychology and art of jury selection with renowned jury consultants. He has been a part of several multi-million dollar and numerous six figure results.

Specifically in foreclosure defense, Evan has been able to help clients obtain every type of relief available. This includes short sales, principal reductions, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys, dismissals and winning at trial. Evan utilizes a comprehensive and aggressive approach. Relying on an extensive and ever expanding knowledge base of all applicable rules of procedure, evidence, debt collection practices and bankruptcy law, Evan routinely uncovers false documents, “robo-signing”, servicing errors, misapplication of payments, evidentiary violations, discovery violations, illegal collection practices and more. In some cases, that’s enough to make the phone ring with a fair offer on the other side. In others, Evan is also able to prepare a Broker’s Price Opinion and educate the bank as to the true fair market value of a property so they understand that even if they are able to foreclose, they will be far better off working something out with you. If all attempts to resolve a case fail, or if a client just wants their day in court, then Evan and his team do all that is possible to win – treating the case as if it was their own. Combining hundreds of foreclosure trials as well as numerous jury trials, with all the years of dedication, training and mentorship, Evan is, as two judges recently said at two large public events, an “excellent trial advocate” and a “wonderful lawyer.” Many other judges have made similar comments.

In a desire to help as many homeowners as possible, Evan also conducts two day trial workshops around the state designed to help other foreclosure defense lawyers be the best trial lawyers they can be. Day one is a seminar going over the nuances of the evidence code, trial procedure and all the various ways Evan has won foreclosure trials. Day two is mock trials, allowing lawyers to practice some of the skills and techniques Evan outlines on day one. In martial arts, in order to become a black belt, you have to teach others. Trial practice is very similar. As a result of all of Evan’s experience handling trials and teaching so many lawyers the art and science of winning a foreclosure defense trial, it’s as if Evan now has a black belt in trial advocacy.

Also, as part of his ongoing diligence and passion for representing clients, Evan is actively engaged with lawyers from around the country in seminars, e-mail list serves and discussion groups to hone legal argument, theory and technique. He is president of a select group of South Florida foreclosure defense attorneys and is an active member of JEDTI (Jurists Engaged in Defense of Title Integrity), a highly selective group of statewide Florida foreclosure defense lawyers. Combining these efforts, his talent, expertise and background with the rest of the firm’s experienced team has helped numerous clients get back on track.

In addition to defending clients, Evan enjoys suing creditors for any number of consumer debt collection practice violations pursuant to several different state and federal statues as well as helping clients challenge and remove improper negative marks on their credit report through his extensive knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and other applicable state and federal statutes.

Evan is just as passionate about serving the community at large. He has volunteered as Secretary and Treasurer of the Miami Project for Paralysis, laborer for Habitat for Humanity, and organizer for the Florida Brain Tumor Association and the Greg Wohrle Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in the name of one of Evan’s closest childhood friends, to help those fighting brain cancer. His newest volunteer efforts are in the courtroom as a volunteer with Broward’s Legal Aid Society, helping those who cannot afford a lawyer to fight their foreclosure, find a viable foreclosure alternative and/or file for bankruptcy. He has also assisted in the Southern District pro-se bankruptcy clinic which helps those who cannot afford a lawyer obtain information on bankruptcy. Evan is a member of the American Bar Association, Florida Bar Association, Broward County Justice Association, American Association for Justice, Florida Justice Association, and was  a board member of the Broward Hurricane Club.  He is also a devoted father and husband.

Evan M. Rosen prides himself on his trial, foreclosure defense, debt defense, and consumer protection experience and knowledge. He is a firm believer that if he and the other members of the team at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, P.A. focus on best serving their clients, everything else will take care of itself. Whenever faced with a difficult decision while representing a client, Evan and the other members of the team always ask themselves, what would they do if they were the client? After that, the best course of action is often quickly determined. The amount of effort, energy, or time required is never a factor in our decision making process. We do whatever it takes to best serve our clients. It is with this philosophy, that Evan and his staff are here to serve you, focused on providing you with outstanding legal representation and exceptional personal service.

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