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Debt Defense

Credit cards, home, boat, car and motorcycle loans and nearly anything else that provides creditors with a steady income stream can be “securitized,” or made into a Wall Street entity / security. These securities are then divided into shares and sold to large pension funds and other investors. For an explanation of the securitization process, please view our chart. You can see for yourself just how complex these transactions can be.

However, in the hurry to make a profit, these companies often fail to complete or track the paperwork that is needed to make sure the debt is legally transferred from one entity to another. For instance, you may have reached a credit agreement with one entity, and now an entirely different entity is trying to collect on your debt. That company may not have the documents it needs to prove it has the right to collect on your debt and that means you may have a very powerful defense.

At the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, our Florida debt defense lawyers understand how multiple levels of transfers and strict timeline requirements create opportunities for us to successfully defend our clients. In some cases, creditors may even try to fraudulently recreate the paperwork they need.

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In the rush to make money, shortcuts are taken, documents are “robo-signed” by people who claim to have knowledge of what they are signing but, of the ones we have deposed or seen in trial, rarely ever have a clue!  This and numerous other issues can help you defend against creditors.  There are also numerous cases in which we can counterattack under the following consumer protection statutes:

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Our country’s history is filled with examples of people who have struggled financially but then have gone on to become famously wealthy.  They all reclaimed their part of the American Dream and we want to help you reclaim yours!

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