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South Florida Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding to seek relief from debt that is specifically provided for under Section 11 of the United States Code, also called the United States Bankruptcy Code. A debtor is someone who owes money and a creditor is a person or entity to whom is owed money. A debtor can voluntarily file a bankruptcy proceeding or a creditor can file an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding on behalf of a debtor under certain circumstances.

If you are facing serious financial troubles, bankruptcy could be a great option to help you put your financial worries behind you. It might allow you to cancel your debts and stop calls from bill collectors, all while holding onto most, if not all, of your property. Some people have described bankruptcy as hitting the reset button on your finances. However, without experienced legal counsel by your side, the bankruptcy process and the laws that govern it are exceptionally complicated. You can stand a far great chance of maximizing your ability to take advantage of every possible aspect of both debt relief and asset protection, provided under all applicable laws, if you hire a qualified Florida bankruptcy attorney like the ones at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen You and your family can get a fresh start through bankruptcy and we offer a FREE CONSULTATION, so what do you have to lose. With the right legal counsel representing you, today could be the day you begin to turn the corner on your financial problems.

When America’s founding fathers were drawing up the U.S. Constitution, they deemed bankruptcy to be so important that they made specific provisions for this exceptionally powerful tool to help people escape a seemingly impossible cycle of debt. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution authorizes Congress to establish “uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States.”

Our country’s history is filled with examples of people who have struggled financially but have gone on to become famously wealthy. Sam Walton (Wal-Mart), Walt Disney, P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford, H.J. Heinz, Charles Schwab, Donald Trump and many others all recovered from being overwhelmed by debt to become the icons we know them to be today. They all reclaimed their part of the American Dream and we want to help you reclaim yours!

If you or someone you know is considering filing for bankruptcy, call us today at 754-400-5150 or contact us online. Let the lawyers at the Law Offices of Evan M. Rosen, serve you!

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